Information and IT governance - What is an IS

3 important questions on Information and IT governance - What is an IS

What are strategic information systems?

Decisions: concering long term, rather incidental and irregular character, much uncertainty and or risk

Required information: very hard to determine, dependent of individual, highly less structured and occurs particularly in company's environment

Executive Support Systems (ESS)
Data warehousing, OLAP, data mining, web mining

What are the components of an ESS

Executive Support Systems
- communication and calculations on strategic level
- input: external and internal aggregated data
- processing: graphical, simulation, interactive
- output: projections, answer to queries
- users: top-level managers, board of directors

Which additional types of IS are there?

Office Automation Systems (OAS)
- office automation
- text processing, voicemail, email, video conferencing

Knowledge Work Systems (KWS)
- specialized systems for scientists, engineers, analysts, and other knowledge workers to obtain new knowledge
- compuer-aided design, cirtual reality systems, stability calculations

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