Descriptive Analytics II: Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing - Data Warehouse Development

4 important questions on Descriptive Analytics II: Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing - Data Warehouse Development

List the benefits of data warehouses

Direct benefits:
  • end user analysis in numerous ways
  • consolidated view of corporate data (single version of the truth)
  • Better and more timely information
  • Enhanced system performance
  • Simplified data access
Indirect benefits
  • enhanced business knowledge
  • competitive advantage
  • improved customer service and satisfaction
  • facilitates decision making
  • help reforming business processes

List several criteria for selecting a data warehouse vendor, and describe why they are important.

Product offering
See card "Sample list of Data Warehousing Vendors"
Do you want to completely outsource the data warehousing effort?
Security and privacy concerns

What is OLAP, and how does it differ from OLTP?

OLAP = Online analytical processing, is designed for ad hoc analysis, OLTP is designed for capturing and storing day-to-day business data. OLAP uses the data captured by OLTP adn OLTP automates the business processes that are managed by decisions supported by OLAP.
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What is a cube? What do drill down, roll-up, slice, and dice mean?

Cube: is a multidimensional data structure that allows for fast analysis.
Drill down/Up: the user navigates among levels of data ranging from the most summarized (up) to the most detailed (down)
Roll-up: involves computing all the data relationships for 1 or more dimensions. Formula might be defined.
Slice: is a subset of a multidimensional array (usually a 2 dimensional representation)  corresponding to a single value set for 1 or more of the dimensions
Dice: is a slice on more than 2 dimensions of a data cube

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