Big Data Concepts and Tools - Definition of Big Data

3 important questions on Big Data Concepts and Tools - Definition of Big Data

Why is Big Data important? What has changed to put in the center of the analytics world?

Understanding customers/clients and business operations to sustain and foster growth and profitability is an increasing challenging task for enterprises. More and more data becomes available in various forms and fashions and timely processing of the data with traditional means becomes impractical.

How do you define Big Data? Why is it difficult to define?

Big Data is the timely processing of a lot of data in various forms and fashions. Big Data means different things to people with different backgrounds and interests.
Big depends on an organization's size. The point is more about finding new value within and outside conventional data sources. It is typically defined by the 3 V's: Volume, variety, velocity

What do you think the future of Big Data will be like? Will it leave its popularity to something else? If so what will it be?


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