Prescriptive Analytics: Optimization and Simulation - Visual Interactive Simulation

4 important questions on Prescriptive Analytics: Optimization and Simulation - Visual Interactive Simulation

Define visual simulation and compare it to conventional simulation

Visual simulation shows a decision maker a representative of the decision-making situation.
Conventional simulation generally reports statistical events at the end of the simulation. Visual representation, overcomes a potential confidence gap

Describe the features of VIS(i.e. VIM) that make it attractive for decision makers

VIS: Visual Interactive Simulation, also known as visual interactive modeling (VIM) and visual interactive problem solving.
It lets the decision makers see what the model is doing and how it interacts with the decisions made.
the user can adjust the decision-making process an see results of the intervention.
the graphic is used a part of decision making or problem solving, not just a communication device.
Can help managers learn about the decision-making situation
Decision makers who use VIS, trust the results more.
Results are shown in an easily understood manner

How can VIS be used in operations management? (VIM and DSS)

E.g. Managers can observe how a plant is likely to operate in the future.
Waiting-line management (queuing) : queue is displayed and changes during the simulation.
Can be used in conjunction with AI. e.g. Build systems graphically to learning the dynamics of the system.
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How is an animated film like a VIS application?


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