Summary: Business Research Methods | 9780077129972 | Boris Blumberg, et al

Summary: Business Research Methods | 9780077129972 | Boris Blumberg, et al Book cover image
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Read the summary and the most important questions on Business research methods | 9780077129972 | Boris Blumberg, Donald R. Cooper and Pamela S. Schindler.

  • 1 The nature of business and management research

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  • 1.2 What is research?

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  • When do you want to do 'reporting study'?

    Only when you want to provide an accountor summation of some data, or to generate some statistics

  • What is a reporting study?

    Collecting data to generate statistics, usually does not leave room for a conclusion.

  • What is a reporting study?

    Basically, here information is needed and the aim of this study is to gather data or generate some statistics. Not recognized as research by everyone.
  • When do you do reporting study?  

    When you want more knowledge and skill in using information sources and dealing with their experts.

  • What is a major deficiency of descriptive studies based on exisiting data sources?

    Deficiency is that it is based on existing data sources is that it can not explain WHY an event has occured or why variables interact the way they do.
  • Where is descriptive studies used?

    In business researrach and for policy and planning, as the 'how'-question is often adressed for issues related to quantity, cost, efficiency, effectieness and adequacy.
  • What does an explanatory study?

    It answers the questions 'why' and 'how'. It attempts to explain the reasons for the phenomenon that the descriptive study has only observed

  • what does a predictive study?

    It answers, just like the explanatory study, the questions 'why' and 'how'. But a predictive study want to provide a plausible explanation for an event, after it has occurred, to predict when and in what situations such an event might reoccur.

  • What is predictive study?

    This is rooted as much in theory as that is is rooted in explanation. High level of inference. This is used to evaluate specific courses of action or to forecast current and future vales.
  • What is the objective of control in research?

    Being able to to replicate a scenario and dictate a particular outcome is the objective of control. Control is the logical outcome of prediction. 

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