BGP Routing Policies - BGP Communities

5 important questions on BGP Routing Policies - BGP Communities

What are BGP Communities used for?

-Used for filtering in different ASN's
-Used for making policy decisions

What sort of is BGP Communities PA?

Optional transitive

It can pass ASN's that do not understand the COMMUNITY PA

Why is it better to use BGP communities than MED?

MED is relatively far into the BGP process
LOCAL_PREF is early in BGP process
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When are extended access-lists necessay with COMMUNITY Lists?

-With Regular expressions
-More than 16 lines in a single list

What command can be used to remove an individual COMMUNITY value?

route-map xxx permit 10
match community 1
set comm-list community-list-number delete

ip community-list 1 permit 33 (can contain only one Community string)

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