Multiprotocol Label Switching - MPLS VPNs - MPLS VPN Control Plane

5 important questions on Multiprotocol Label Switching - MPLS VPNs - MPLS VPN Control Plane

What are the three main concepts for VRF?

-An IP routing table (RIB)
-A CEF FIB (populated based on RIB)
-Separte instance/process of routing protocol to exchange routes with CE that need to be supported by the VRF

How does BGP advertise RTs in BGP updates?

As BGP Extended Community path attributes (PAs)

Why does MPLS use route targets?

MPLS use Route Targets to determine into which VRFs a PE places IBGP-learned routes
MPLS route targets enable MPLS to support sites to be reachable from multiple customers/VPNs
c-IdRoute leaking
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How can mpls support overlapping VPN's for different customers?

By the use of the RT (route target) concept

(By leaking a route into the different VRFs)

How much VRFs are necesarry for a customer A to reach a centralized VPN Services?


-One VRF for import routes of customer A
- Second VRF for importing customer routes A and the routes to reach centralized VPN services

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