Multiprotocol Label Switching - MPLS VPNs - MPLS VPN Configuration

4 important questions on Multiprotocol Label Switching - MPLS VPNs - MPLS VPN Configuration

What are the steps for configuring MPLS VPN configuration?

1. Create VRF, RD and RT
2.Configuring IGP between PE and CE
3. Configuring Mutual redistribution between the IGP and BGP
4. Configuring MP-BGP between PEs

What are the commands to configure the VRF and associated interfaces for MPLS?

-Configure vrf with ip vrf vrf-name
-Configure RD value with rd rd-value VRF sub command
-Configure RT with the route-target {import|export} rt-value
-Associated interface with ip vrf forwarding vrf-name

What is the command for a PE to create a VRF EIGRP adddress-family?

address-family ipv4 vrf vrf-name autonomous-system asn
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What is the command to show BGP table for all VRFs on the PE router?

-show ip bgp vpnv4 all

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