BGP - Multiprotocol BGP for IPv6

5 important questions on BGP - Multiprotocol BGP for IPv6

What new features are added to BGP with RFC4760 MultiProtocol-BGP

1. A new address family identifier (AFI) model
2. New BGPv4 optional non-transitive attributes:
    - Multiprotocol reachable NLRI (Describes IPv6 Route information)
    - Multiprotocol unreachable NLRI (Withdraws IPv6 route information for service.)

What is important to note about the BGP Router ID when a router only has IPv6 addresses?

A BGP Router ID must be statically configured

What IPv6 addresses are recommended for BGP Peering

Unique Global Unicast addresses. This avoids any problems introduced with automatically assigned and changed Link-Local addresses.
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What is the command for IPv6 route summarization in BGP and what is important to note about it?

The command is placed under the IPv6 address family and is: Aggregate-Address prefix/prefix-length [Summary-only][AS-Set]

The configuration is the same as in IPv4.

Is IPv6 activated by default on MP-BGP?

No it needs to be enabled manually by specifying the address family under the BGP router process.
Under the address family the neighbor must be specified.

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