BGP - Basic BGP Configuration

5 important questions on BGP - Basic BGP Configuration

What are 2 sets of BGP Path Attributes which are set when a network statement is made depending on the RIB Prefix type?

1. Connected network: next-hop is, BGP Origin is i (IGP) and BGP weight is 32768.
2. Static Route or Routing Protocol: next-hop is set to next-hop in RIB, BGP Origin is i (IGP), BGP Weight is 32768 and MED is set to IGP metric.

What are three tables maintained by BGP?

1. Adj-RIB-In (Contains NLRIs in original form, before processed by inbound route policies. Purged whenever processed)
2. Loc-RIB (Contains all NLRIs which originated locally or received from other BGP peers. After BGP Best-Path algorythm has run Loc-RIB is used to present routes to the IP Routing Table)
3. Adj-RIB-Out (Contains the NLRIs after outbound route policies have been processed, one for each peer)

What is the process a BGP route goes through when added through a network statement?

1. RIB Check (exact network prefix match)
2. Installed in the Loc-RIB (NLRI with Path Attributes created)
3. Validity check, verify that next-hop is resolvable in RIB
4. Process outbound route policies
5. NLRI Added to Adj-RIB-Out table
6. Send out to peers
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What is the process a BGP route goes through when received from a neighbor?

1. Add NLRI to Adj-RIB-In table until processed
2. Inbound Route Policy processing
3. Add NLRI to Loc-RIB
4. Validity Check and Check to see if next-hop is resolvable in RIB
5. Identify best Path
6a. Install Route in Global RIB
6b. Process outbound route policies
7. NLRI Added to Adj-RIB-Out table
8. Send out to peers.

During BGP initial configuring it is optional to define the address family. What does BGP do by default, and when doesn't it do this?

It activates a IPv4 Unicast session by default.
It won't do this when the no bgp default ipv4-unicast is configured.

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