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What is the command Logging Synchronous All used for?

It will make Unsolicited messages appear after solicited output in an VTY line configuration mode.

What is the role of NGINX when configuring RESTCONF on a Cisco device?

Used as a proxy server to secure RESTCONF using TLS.

In what order are BGP Attributes used by BGP to determine the best path?

1.  Highest weight
2. Highest local preference
3. Locally orignated paths over externally originated
4. Shortest AS_Path
5. Lowest Origin type
6. Lowest MED
7.  eBGP paths over iBGP paths
8. Lowest IGP cost
9. Oldest eBGP path
10. Lowest BGP Router ID
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What are the 3 Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN) phases?

Phase 1 hub-and-spoke configuration

Phase 2 Spoke-to-spoke configuration (dynamically modified when spokes require direct communication. Each spoke router uses NHRP with the hub to learn Destination Spoke ip address and set up tunnel.

Phase 3 Spoke-to-spoke configuration improved with NHRP redirects. Spoke receives NHRP redirect from hub and sends traffic directly to spoke.

With Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol (PEAP), on which devices is it required to install certificates?

Only on the Server and not on the Client.

In Lightweight Extensible Authentication Protocol (LEAP), on which devices is it required to install a certificate?

Just like in EAP-FAST It is not required to install certificates.

In EAP-FAST, on which devices is it required to install a certificate?

Just like in LEAP it is not required to install certificates on the devices.

Which states do OSPF routers go through when forming an adjacency?

1. Down
2. Init
3. 2-way
4. Exstart
5. Exchange
6. Loading
7. Full

In OSPF, what are DBD packets and what would cause a router to ignore them?

DBD packets are Database Descriptor packets and contain LSA headers describing the content of the LSDB.
When DBD packets that are received exceed the MTU configured they will be ignored.

What is the Link Control Protocol (LCP)?

It is a subprotocol in the PPP suite and it is used to detect looped links.

What is the Network Control Protocol (NCP)?

It is a subprotocol in the PPP suite and it is used to negotiate network protocols.

What is the JSON Web Token (JWT)?

It is an IETF open standard that enables secure transmission of JSON.

On what interface is Traffic Shaping applied and what is special about the bucket used?

In contrary to Traffic Policing, Traffic Shaping is only applied to outbound traffic.
For this it uses a Leaky Bucket, tokens are put into the bucket at a steady rate and traffic going out takes tokens from the bucket. Excess traffic is buffered until the queue is full, after which traffic is dropped.

How can an Embedded Event Manager policy be run when the command {Event none} is issued?

It can be run in 2 ways:

1. Manually using the command: event manager run

2. Automatically by another applet using the command: action policy

What error message is sent when a Unidirectional link failure exist between 2 switches?

The error message: %STP-2-DISPUTE_DETECTED

What is the Management Plane Protection feature?

A feature configured with the {management-interface} command, restricting the interfaces over which remote administration can be performed.

What are 8 protocols that can be used by Management Plane Protection (MPP)?

1. Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol (BEEP)
2. FTP
6. SSH
7 Telnet

On the console line, what is the correct command for automatically disconnecting idle sessions?

Exec timeout minutes seconds

How many bytes does the GRE Tunnel Key add to the GRE header?

The GRE Tunnel Key adds 4 bytes to the GRE Header

When deploying non-Cisco devices with Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) Center what do you need to use?

You need to use a Software Development Kit (SDK) to create Device Packages.
Cisco devices do not need Device Packages.

What IPv6 prefix and prefix length are used for NAT-PT

The prefix can be a unique local unicast prefix, a subnet of your allocated IPv6 prefix or even an extra prefix obtained from your ISP.
The prefix length, however, needs to be /96 for NAT-PT.

What IPv6 addresses must be used for 6to4 tunneling?

IPv6 addresses from the 2002::/16 prefix must be used.

There are different commands for adjusting the TCP Maximum Segment Size or TCP MSS, for packets originating from a router vs packets forwarded by a router.
What are the different commands?

1. For originating from the router
ip tcp mss mss-value
Default setting is 536 bytes, lowest 68

2. For forwarded by the router
ip tcp adjust-mss mss-value
mss-value in range of 500 through 1460

CEF can use per-destination load balancing or per-packet load balancing, which 4 algorythms are used for load balancing and which one is the default?

1. Universal (Default
2. Original
3. Tunnel
4. Include-ports

Which PPP subprotocol handles the negotiation of Network Layer protocols?

The Network Control Protocol, or NCP

What routing protocols are not supported by VRF-lite?

2. IS-IS

What is different about the {no exec-timeout} command on routers running versions of IOS prior to 15.0(1) vs running versions of 15.0(1) or later?

In the older versions the command would set the default value of 10 minutes.
In the newer versions the command will configure the VTY lines without a timeout.

What is the OnePK API?

It is a Cisco proprietary API that uses Java, C, or Python to configure network devices.
It can use SSL or TLS to encrypt data in transit.

OpenFlow uses a different SDN model than the declarative model used by OpFlex. Which model is used by OpenFlow and what does this mean?

OpenFlow uses an Imperative SDN model in which detailed instructions are sent to the SDN controller when a new policy is configured.

What feature is not supported when clustering Cisco Firepower 4100 and Firepower 9300 FTD models?

Remote Access VPN

What is the Cisco term for the business-outcome-oriented REST APIs that are associated with Cisco DNA center?

Intent APIs

Which packets are processed by an outbound ACL?

Only transit packets, meaning packets not originated from or destined for the local router.

When using RSPAN, what is the correct command to create a monitor session and send it to a vlan on another switch.

Monitor session id destination remote vlan vlan-id

What is the default port and protocol used by Syslog?

By default it uses UDP port 601.

What is likely the case when Syslog is configured to use TCP?

It is likely it uses TLS, which needs a reliable tranport protocol and is not supported on the Syslog default protocol UDP.

In embedded event manager, what will cause EEM to either execute the CLI command after the applet has finished or to not execute the command after the applet is finished?

The command {Set 1 _exit_status 1} will cause it to execute the CLI command
The command {Set 1 _exit_status 0} will cause it to not execute the CLI command

In Embedded Event Manager, what is the Sync keyword and Skip keyword used for in the Event CLI command

The Sync keyword indicates if the CLI command has to be executed synchronuous with the applet or not. Which means if they can run in parallel or in Serial.
Sync yes means run in Serial and the EEM applet needs to finish first. After the _exit_status variable is checked.
Sync no means run in Parallel and the _exit_status veriable is not checked.
Instead the skip keyword is used to determine if the CLI command is to be run.
Yes: CLI command is skipped and NOT run and
No: The CLI command is not skipped and is run

What symbol in the output of Show IP BGP marks the best route to a destination network?

The > symbol

What would be a reason for several routers on a OSPF broadcast segment to stay in the 2-way state.

If they are all configured with a priority value of zero.
The DR and BDR should be configured with a non-0 priority value.

There are 3 different WLC topologies. Which 3 and how many APs do they support?

1. Centralized using a WLC: Up to 6000 APs
2. Embedded in Switch: Up to 200 APs
3. Mobility Express in AP: Up to 100 APs

When using interfaces in an Inline Pair Mode on a Cisco Firepower NGFW, which check will be peformed on the Flows?

1. Minimal LINA engine checks
2. All SNORT engine checks

Which authentication protocols can be used by PPP?


What is the IEEE standard 802.11w used for?

- Management Frame Protection
- Protects management frames by using Message Integrity Check.
- Not encrypted.

For a PPPoE interface, how can it dynamically obtain an IP address and what is the command to configure this?

The command is IP Address Negotiated
Which specifies the interface should obtain an IP address using PPP/IPCP negotiation.

What are Customer Edge or CE routers?

CE routers usually sit at the Customer premise and connect the Customer network to the Providers network.

What are Provider Edge or PE Routers?

PE Routers usually sit on the Edge of the Providers network, connecting the Providers network to other networks.

What is a good acronym to remember the Syslog levels?


What keying protocol is used by Cisco GET VPN?

Get VPN uses GDOI as the keying protocol

What is Postman and how is it used with DNA Center?

It is an application that allows interaction with RESTful APIs.
Allows for various HTTP actions towards DNA Center.
Allows for testing custom application communication with DNA Center.

Which APIs are typically used to enable communication between an SDN controller and the Application Plane?

2. OSGi (Java Open Service Gateway initiative)

In the Embedded Event Manager, where does the output off the {action label puts string} command will appear? And on what does this depend?

It depends on wether the applet is processing events synchronously or asynchronously.
Synchronously would put it direct on the TTY
Asynchronously would put it in the Syslog

What are the default RIPv2 timers?

1. Flush Timer 240 seconds
2. Update timer 40 seconds
3. Invalid timer 180 seonds
4 Hold-down timer 180 seconds

What is important to note about the Peer-to-Peer blocking function on a Cisco WLAN?

It does NOT block multicast traffic

What are the 2 possible and correct sequences of DHCPv6 messages?

1. Solicit
2. Advertise
3. Request
4. Reply  

Or with the Rapid Commit option:
1. Solicit
2. Reply

What can be configured to reduce the time to detect a failed link, regardless of media type, encapsulation or routing protocol?

Bidrectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) can be configured to achieve this.
It sends out control packets to the neighbors much faster than routing protocols for example.

When applying debug conditions, how do you know how many conditions are set?

When executing the Debug Condition command you receive the following output:
Condition number set
Here the number is the number of the condition you've set, it is appended in a condition list.

What is important to note about the Level parameter of the Logging Synchronous command.

- Specifying a level will only apply to that level and more severe.

-. Not specifying a number will apply to level 2 and more severe

A Cisco VSS  combines two switches, the switches are connected together using a Virtual Switch Link (VSL).
What are the protocols used to establish the VSS?

1 Virtual Switch Link Protocol (Has 2 component protocols)

1.1 Link Management Protocol
- Verifies Link integrity, bidrectional communication
- Exhanges switch IDs to detect duplicates

1.2 Role Resolution Protocol
- Checks hardware versions, software versions and VSL configurations.
- Assigns active and standby virtual switch roles.

Which encryption protocols are used by the different Password Types?

Type 0 - Unecnrypted
Type 4 - SHA-256
Type 5 - MDA5
Type 7 - Vigenére
Type 8 - PBKDF2 with SHA256
Type 9 - Scrypt

How can a MAC address access list be created?

- Access list value of 700-799
- Can only be configured In

What is the default authentication mechanism when configuring a new WLAN on a Cisco WLC?

The default authentication mechanism is 802.1X

What is a Discontiguous Wildcard Mask and how does it work?

It is a Wildcard mask where not all 0's and 1's are in a single serie.
00000000.00000011.00001000.11111111 for example.

It looks for matches on the 0's and ignores the 1's

What are the advantages of using IS-IS over OSPF when used for SD-Access?

- Neighbor establishment without IP depencies
- Peering capability using Loopback addresses
- Agnostic treatment of IPv4, IPv6 and non-IP traffic (More network layer protocols)
- Uses fewer CPU resources

What are common HTTP Status codes?

200 - OK
201 - Created
301 - Moved Permanently
400 - Bad Request
401 - Unauthorized
403 - Forbidden
404 - Not Found
500 - Internal Server Error
501 - Not Implemented

What are the 3 JSON Web Token components?

1. Header
    - Type of token (JWT)
    - Algorythm used (HMAC SHA256 or RSA SHA256) Base64Url               encoded

2. Payload
     - Contains the claims (issuer, expiration time, subject, audience,          etc) Base64Url encoded

3. Signature
     - Encoded header and Encoded Payload are signed by using the Signature algorythm from the Header, creating the JWT's Signature

What is the IEEE standard 802.11i more commonly reffered to?

It is called WiFi Protected Access 2, or WPA2.

In OSPF what are the multicast addresses used and which devices send to which multicast address? - DR Floods update to this IP - Non-DR send updates to this IP

What is needed in OSPFv3 to enable IPv4 unicast routing?

1. Using a reserved instance ID in the IPv4 range

2. Explicitly enabling the interface to participate in IPv4 routing by using the command: ospfv3 process-id ipv4 area-id

What is important to note about Traffic Policing vs. Traffic Shaping?

- Traffic Policing does not buffer any traffic
- Because of this Traffic Policing drops traffic more aggressively when excessive traffic occurs.

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