Advanced STP Tuning - STP Topology Tuning

5 important questions on Advanced STP Tuning - STP Topology Tuning

Ideally the Root Bridge is placed on a Core Switch and a secondary Root Bridge is designated as well.
Which two methods/commands can be used to designate a Root Bridge and a secondary Root Bridge.

1. Spanning-Tree vlan-id Priority priority
Priority is a value between 0 and 61.440 and set in increments of 4096

2. Spanning-Tree vlan-id root primary/Secondary
Primary sets the priority to 24.576
Secondary sets the priority to 28.672

What settings are best to use to prevent erroneous devices to take over the STP Role?

Set Priority to 0 for Primary switch
Set Priority to 4096 for Secondary switch
And Root Guard should be used.

What is the total path cost a switch includes in it's BPDU.

Only it's own root path cost.
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How does a switch calculate it's Root Path Cost.

Adding the Root Path Cost from the received BPDU to the Interface Port Cost the BPDU is received on.

What command is used to change the Interface Port Cost?

Spanning-tree Cost value
In Interface configuration context.

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