Network Assurance - Debugging

5 important questions on Network Assurance - Debugging

What debug command can be user to determine a MTU discrepancy as the root cause of a failed OSPF adjacency?

Debug ip ospf adj

It will show a log event stating the other interface has a smaller or larger MTU.

How can Debug be used to determine a mismatch of OSPF interface types?

The command {debug ip ospf hello} might log an event stating mismatched hello parameters.
This can indicate a different network type configured because of the different hello/dead intervals.
subsequently the command {show ip ospf interface interface} can be used to verify the network type of an interface.

Conditional debugging is a way to limit or filter the number of debug messages that are shown. What are 2 ways to do this?

1. By using an Access List containing an IP or IP range

2. By specifying an interface
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What are 6 steps needed to configure SNMP on a device?

1. Define SNMP Host or NMS to send traps to

2. Create access list to restrict SNMP access

3. Define read-only community string

4. Define read/write community string

5. Define SNMP location

6. Define SNMP contact

How many Syslog message severity levels are there and which ones?

There are 8, levels 0 thru 7.
0. Emergencies
1. Alerts
2. Critical
3. Errors
4. Warnings
5. Notifications
6. Informational
7. Debugging

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