Enterprise Network Architecture - Enterprise Network Architecture Options

4 important questions on Enterprise Network Architecture - Enterprise Network Architecture Options

What are the 6 options for an Enterprise Network Architecture?

1. Two-Tier design (Collapsed Core)
2. Three-Tier design
3. Layer 2 access layer (STP Based)
4. Layer 3 access layer (Routed Access)
5. Simplified Campus Design
6. Software-Defined Access (SD-Access)

What are 5 advantages of a Layer 3 Access Layer versus a Layer 2 Access Layer?

1. No first-hop redundancy protocols required

2. No STP required

3. Increased Uplink utilization

4. Easier troubleshooting

5. Faster convergence

What does the Simplified Campus Design use to simplify the design?

It uses switch clustering technologies like Virtual Switching System (VSS) and stacking technologies like StackWise.
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What are the 7 advantages of the Simplified Campus Design?

1. Simplified Design

2. No first-hop redundancy protocol required

3. Reduced STP dependence (EtherChannel can be used)

4. Increased Uplink Utilization (Because of EtherChannel vs STP)

5. Easier Troubleshooting

6. Faster Convergence

7. Distributed VLANs

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