Multicast - Multicast Fundamentals

6 important questions on Multicast - Multicast Fundamentals

What protocol does multicast rely on in Layer 2 operation and what protocol in Layer 3 operation?

Layer 2: Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP)
Layer 3: Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM)

What is the Multicast Distribution Tree?

It is the Tree of devices from the Server to the clients. In between the links can be forked (split) by a network device, which then replicates the traffic.

What is the IP Multicast Address range assigned by the IANA, which ranges from thru
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What are data packets known as in Multicast connections?

They are known as a Stream.

What is the Group Address which is used by the Multicast Stream?

It is a special destination IP address

How are clients called that are recipient devices of a multicast stream?

They are called Receivers

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