Network Assurance - NetFlow and Flexible NetFlow

6 important questions on Network Assurance - NetFlow and Flexible NetFlow

What are the 2 Netflow components that need to be configured for it to work?

1. NetFlow Data Capture

2. NetFlow Data Export

What are 2 Cisco applications that can be used as a NetFlow collector?

1. Cisco DNA Center

2. Cisco Prime Infrastructure

What are the 4 Ingress traffic types collected by NetFlow?

1. IP to IP packets

2. IP to MPLS packets

3. Frame Relay terminated packets

4. ATM Terminated packets
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What are the 2 egress traffic types collected by NetFlow?

1. NetFlow accounting for all IP traffic packets

2. MPLS to IP packets.

What does the new Flexible NetFlow add to the NetFlow possibilities?

It allows for the use and re-use of the following 4 configuration components, where more than 1 can be added to an interface for example:

1. Flow Records (Key and non-key fields)

2. Flow Monitors (Applied to an interface to perform network traffic monitoring)

3. Flow Exporters (Exports NetFlow Version 9 data from the Monitor cache to a remote host or NetFlow collector)

4. Flow Samplers (Samples partial NetFlow data rather than all data)

What are up and downside of using sampled NetFlow data?

An upside is the reduced load on a device in terms of memory and CPU.
A downside however is that important data can be missed because only sampled data is gathered.

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