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8 important questions on IP Services - Foundation Topics

What are 5 reasons it is important to have time synchronized between network devices?

1. Managing password that change at specific time intervals
2. Encryption key exchanges
3. Checking validity of certificates based on expiration date and time
4. Correlation of security-based events across multiple routers.
5. Troubleshooting multiple network devices.

How does NTP identify the accuracy of the time clock source?

It uses a concept called stratums. NTP servers directly attached to an authoritative atomic clock are called Stratum 1 servers, clients querying Stratum 1 are called Stratum 2 clients.
Max is Stratum 15

What port and protocol are used by NTP?

Port 123
UDP Protocol
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What are NTP Stratum 1 servers?

NTP servers that are directly connected to an authorative time source.

Is hop count considered when defining the Stratum number of a NTP client?

No, the Stratum number is based on the Stratum number of the NTP Server that is queried.
It is the Servers Stratum number plus 1.

What command is used on a NTP client to configure the NTP server?

The command NTP Server ip-address
Optionally the prefer keyword can be used to prefer it when configuring multiple
Optionally the Source keyword can be used to specify the source interface, which is used just for the IP address.

When can a Cisco Router act as a NTP server?

When they have been able to succesfully query an NTP server

When a Cisco router is acting as a NTP server it is possible to manually change the Stratum number. What is the command to do this?

NTP Master stratum-number

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