Network Assurance - Switch Port Analyzer (SPAN) Technologies

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Switched Port Analyzer (SPAN) captures packets and sends it to another port or traffic analyzer. Which 3 SPAN techniques can be used by Cisco Catalyst switches?

1. Local SPAN (Capture traffic on a local port and copy it to another local port)

2. Remote SPAN (RSPAN. Capture traffic on a remote switch and send a copy to the local switch through Layer 2 switching toward a local port connected to some sort of traffic analyzer.

3. Encapsulated Remote SPAN (ERSPAN. Remote SPAN with the difference that the data is send over the network encapsulated in Layer 3 packets.)

How is RSPAN traffic seperated from other traffic and shared between switches?

A specific RSPAN vlan is defined on the switches which is used solely for transporting the SPAN traffic.

What are two important differences of how a RSPAN vlan works compared to a normal VLAN?

1. MAC Addresses are not learned on RSPAN vlan ports.

2. Traffic is flooded out all the ports associated with the RSPAN vlan.
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How is ERSPAN configured to send data to a remote host.

Simply by using the Destination submenu and setting the IP Address, erspan-id and origin IP Address.

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