Fabric Technologies - Software-Defined WAN

9 important questions on Fabric Technologies - Software-Defined WAN

What are the 2 SD-WAN solutions offered by Cisco?

1. Cisco SD-WAN (Based on Viptela)

2. Meraki SD-WAN (When UTM is needed)

The Cisco SD-WAN solution is a cloud-deliver overlay WAN architecture. What are the 5 components?

1. -vManage Network Management System (NMS) (Single pane of glass for managing the SD-WAN solution)

2. -vSmart Controller (The brains of the solution)

3. SD-WAN Routers (vEdge and cEdge routers)

4. -vBond Orchestrator (Authenticates and orchestrates connectivity between SD-WAN routers and vSmart Controllers)

5. -vAnalytics (Optional analytics and assurance service)

How does the vSmart controller communicate with the SD-WAN routers?

It establishes permanent DTLS tunnels to each router and uses these to form Overlay Management Protocol (OMP) neighborships
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What is the Overlay Management Protocol (OMP)?

It is a proprietary routing protocol similar to BGP.

What are the two different Cisco SD-WAN routers and what are the differences?

1. -vEdge (the original Viptela platforms running Viptela software)
Supports 6 features: Cisco AMP, Enterprise Firewall, Cisco Umbrella DNS Security, URL Filtering, SNORT IPS, Embedded Platform security.

2. -cEdge (Viptela software integrated in Cisco IOS-XE. Supported on CSR, ISR, ASR1K, ENCS and cloud CSRv and ISRv.
Only supports 2 features: Enterprise Firewall and Cisco Umbrella DNS Security

Which SD-WAN device needs to have a Public IP to connect to the SD-WAN devices?

Only the vBond Orchestrator needs a Public IP.

What are the 3 main components of the vBond Orchestrator?

1. Control Plane Connection
Creates and maintains DTLS tunnel to vSmart controllers and SD-WAN routers. Authenticates SD-WAN routers to join the network.

2. NAT-Traversal
Facilitates connectivity between vSmart Controllers and SD-WAN routers when one or both are behind NAT.

3. Load Balancing
Load balances SD-WAN routers across vSmart controllers.

What are 3 capabilities of vAnalytics?

1. Visibility into applications and infrastructure across the WAN

2. Forecasting and what-if analysis

3. Intelligent Recommendations

What is Cisco SD-WAN Cloud OnRamp?

It is an extension of the Cisco SD-WAN solution offering best path analysis for Saas and IaaS services, either through different ISPs or via a regional hub/ branche site.

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