VLAN Trunks and EtherChannel Bundles - VLAN Trunking Protocol

6 important questions on VLAN Trunks and EtherChannel Bundles - VLAN Trunking Protocol

What is the Vlan Trunking Protocol (VTP) used for?

To propagate VLANs created on a switch automatically to other switches in the same VTP Domain.

What are 4 roles in the VTP Architecture

1. Server. Responsible for creation, modification and deletion of VLANs in the VTP domain. There can be multiple in a VTP Domain
2. Client. Receives VTP Advertisements and modifies it's VLANs with it. VLANs can't be configured locally.
3. Transparent. Receive and Forward VTP Advertisements but does not participate in the VTP domain.
4. Off. Does not participate in VTP domain and does not forward VTP advertisements.

What are 2 differences between VTP versions 1 and 2 and version 3.

1. VTP Versions 1 and 2 support propagation of VLANs 1 to 1005, whereas Version 3 supports the full VLAN range of 1 to 4094.
2. In Version 3 the primary VTP server has to be set with the VTP Primary command.
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VTP advertises updates using a multicast address across the Trunk Links. What are the 3 main types of advertisements.

1. Summary (Every 300 seconds or when a VLAN is added, removed or changed. Includes VTP Version, domain, config revision number and time stamp.)
2. Subset (More detailed. Occurs after a VLAN configuration change occurs. Contains all relevant info to make changes to the VLANs.)
3. Client Request. (Request by a VTP Client to receive a Subset advertisement. Happen typically when the client receives a Summary advertisement with a higher Revision Number.

What are the 4 steps to configure VTP?

1. Define VTP version with command VTP Version 1/2/3
2. Define VTP Domain with command VTP Domain name
3. Define VTP switch role with command VTP mode role
4. Optionally define VTP domain password with command VTP Password password.

Why does the revision number has to be set to 0 on a switch that is added to a VTP Domain?

When it has a higher revision number than the current VTP Domain has it might delete VLANs that are in use.

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