Nutrition and reproduction - Ovaries - Anatomy

7 important questions on Nutrition and reproduction - Ovaries - Anatomy

How are the ovaries shaped?

Bean shaped

How big are the ovaries from a horse in breeding season?

4-8 cm x 4-6 cm

What for capsule do the ovaries have? (protective layer)

Fibrous capsule
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What is ova fossa?

Area where ovulation occurs

What are the two functions of the ovaries?

- producing ova
- producing hormones, controlling reproductive activity

Wherefrom is the ovary composed of?

1. Tunica albuginea outer single cell layer
2. Ovarian cortex  oocytes, corpus luteum (yellow body) and corpora albicans (white)
3. Ovarian medulla bloodvessels, nerves, lymphatic tissue, connective tissue

What is the order by an ovary?

1. Primary oocyte
2. Sencondary oocyte within a follicle
3. Graafian follicle (pre-ovulatory follicle)
---- ovulation----
4. Corpora lutea (single: corpus luteum)
5. Corpora albicans (degenerating corpus lutea)

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