Australia - Wine Laws & Regulations - System of Geographical Indications (GIs)

5 important questions on Australia - Wine Laws & Regulations - System of Geographical Indications (GIs)

What does the GI system of Australia give producers. How many GIs are defined?

  • A Geographical Indication system gives the producers a range of labelling options.
  • 65 GIs in total
  • Western Australia: 9
  • South Australia: 18
  • Queensland: 2
  • New South Wales:14
  • Victoria: 21
  • Tasmania: 1

I.e. Eden Valley, Barossa, Adelaide, South Australia or South Eastern Australia.

Usually it reflects multi-regional blending of grapes.

What is a Zone as part of the GI system of Australia? Which are these?

  • The largest wine areas and can cover an entire state. No rules and requirements for boundaries, shared geographic or climatic characteristics.
  • Entire states are: South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia.
  • South Eastern Australia covers several.

What is a region as part of the Australian GI system. What are the regulations.

  • Smaller wine region than a zone, 65 are registered and vary in size.
  • Have consistent and distinct qualities.
  • Must produce at least 500 tonnes of grapes a year
  • min 5 different vineyard owners
  • min 5 ha per owner
  • samples: Coonawarra, Clare Valley, Margaret River.
  • Tasmania is seen as a region.
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Australia indicates sub-regions within the GI system. What is recognised in these regions.

  • Recognised are particular climates, topography and soils.
  • Currently 14 sub-regions are registered.

In 1990 Australia introduced a LIP programme. What is covered with this wine labelling programme?

  • If a GI, vintage or grape variety is mentioned on the label, 85% of the grapes must be conform.
  • Multiple varieties must be listed in descending order.
  • Growers, producers and suppliers are audited by the Australia Grape and Wine Authority (trading as Wine Australia).
  • There are no GI based rules regarding grape growing and winemaking.

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