Germany - Principal Wine Regions - Baden

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Describe the growing environment of Baden. The climate is also unique, how and why?

  • In the south of Germany, split into multiple areas (Bereiche).
    • Main; north of Heidelberg to the Swiss border in the south
    • Also between Franken and Württemberg
    • Around the Bodensee (Lake Constance).
  • On the eastern side of the Rhine, opposite Alsace (Vosges rain shadow)
  • It is the warmest, sunniest and driest wine producing region of Germany.

Baden is Germany's warmest wine region, describe the style of wines and name some of the Bereiche.

  • Best known for its red wines; Spätburgunder is complex and enhanced by oak ageing.
  • Variety of styles due to varied soils and microclimates;
    • Kaiserstuhl: south facing slopes on an extinct volcano -> full bodied, complex, smoky, high alcohol
    • Bereich Ortenau, Bereich Tuniberg and Breisgau are; cooler, calcareous soil -> more acidity, delicate fruit flavours

Describe the grapes and grape growing in Baden, Germany

  • 59% is white plantings
  • Reputation for red; Spätburgunder
  • high volume inexpensive blends with MT (2nd variety)
  • Also Graub. Weissb. And Chardonnay.
  • Riesling is small but high quality (Prädikat level)
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Who are the main producers in Baden, Germany?

75% by Badischer Winzerkeller
small; Bernhard Huber, Jürgen von der Mark.

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