Veneto - Valpolicella - Grape varieties

4 important questions on Veneto - Valpolicella - Grape varieties

What are the black grape varieties of Valpolicella?

  • Corvina veronese
  • Corvinone
  • Rondinella
  • Molinara

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Corvinone grape variety in Valpolicella blends?

  • Gives tannins, it dries well.
  • Ripens unevenly, picking bunch by bunch, adding to cost
  • not related to Corvina V.

Rondinella is found in Valpolicella blends, for which styles of wines and what does it contribute?

  • Very reliable and productive variety can grow on a range of soils.
  • It has good disease resistance (and therefore is good for drying) but is prone to esca.
  • Neutral wines with light, simple cherry fruit.
  • It accumulates sugar very fast and so is useful for Recioto (see below).
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Molinara black variety is important in blends in Veneto, which blends and what does it contribute?

  • In Valpolicella and Bardolino (40%)
  • High yields, but pale colour (market demands deeper colour)
  • Contributes: acidity, red berries, lightness

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