South Africa - Wine Regions - Breede River Valley Region

5 important questions on South Africa - Wine Regions - Breede River Valley Region

Describe the location and business of the Breede River Valley Region as part of the Western Cape South Africa

  • Inland, dry and warm region producing the most wine of South Africa
  • High yields
  • Large volumes for distillation
  • Irrigation, from the Breede River as source, is key.
  • Also some quality estates.

What is the beneficial difference in climate of district Breedekloof in comparison to neighbouring Worcester and Robertson (Breede River Valley Region, South Africa)?

  • Breedekloof has adequate rainfall therefore irrigation is not necessary.
  • The warm continental climate allows for longer hang-time and later harvest.

Significant producers in district Breedekloof in Breede River Valley Region

  • Du Toitskloof Cellar
  • Deetlefs
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Describe the rainfall circumstances of Worcester district, Breede River Valley region of South Africa

  • Very low rainfall due to rain shadow of the mountains
  • relies heavily on irrigation
  • Producing grapes for distillation

District Robertson (Breede River Valley Region in South Africa) was a historic white wine district for the brandy industry. Soils were very fertile but one particular soil is used for still and sparkling wines. Which soil is this?
Which varieties are grown?
Name producers

  • Limestone soil, unusual in South Africa.
  • Chardonnay for still and sparkling
  • Most planted whites: Colombard, Chenin blanc and Sauvignon blanc.
  • Producers:
    • Cooperative Robertson Winery (very big)
    • Graham Beck (Cap Classique specialist)
    • De Wetshof (Chardonnay pioneer)

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