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Heurige play an important role in the domestic sales. What are this?

· means this year’s
· important for domestic sales and hospitality
· smaller vineyard owners with small inns or taverns

Retail sells 2/3 of all wines.

What was the effect of the Wine Scandal of 1985 in Austria?

  • 1985 - Di-ethylene glycol (antifreeze) scandal (illegal but harmless additive used to add body & sweetness) > exports dropped (30 milj to 5 milj litres) and wine laws were strictly revised by AWMB in 1986.
  • Now 52,6 milj L export again.
  • 2000-05: exports finally recovered to same and then higher level vs. 80s (i.e. pre-scandal)

How is the export of Austrian wines, which are the main countries?

4000 growers
Export: Germany, USA, Switzerland, Netherlands
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Exam question on Germany, Austria or Hungary

With reference to the wines of Germany, Austria or Hungary as appropriate, write about FIVE of the following:

a) Silvaner
b) Grosses Gewächs
c) Blaufränkisch
d) Süssreserve
e) Furmint
f) Pfalz
g) Burgenland
h) Nahe
i) Weinviertel
j) Rheingau

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