Australia - New South Wales - Hunter Valley Zone

3 important questions on Australia - New South Wales - Hunter Valley Zone

Hunter Valley Zone is famous for?

  • Oldest Region: Hunter
  • 200km north of Sydney: tourists
  • Unique Semillon

Describe the climate and growing environment of Hunter Valley.

  • Within New South Wales
  • Sub-tropical climate: humid, rain
  • latitude 32-33S - almost tropical
  • One of the hotter most humid wine producing regions of Australia
  • High summer temperatures, cool nights
  • Intense sunshine
  • Lower Hunter cost to the coast (cooling influences)
  • Upper Hunter warmer
  • Hills at low altitudes
  • Soils: sandy, clay loams
  • Irrigation not needed
  • No protection from Great Dividing Range
  • First region to start harvesting in Australia

What are the grape varieties of Hunter Valley. What makes one of the white varieties so special?

  • Equally white and black
  • Chardonnay, high quality Shiraz
  • Famous Semillon
    • dry, light bodied
    • high acidity
    • low in %abv (10-11)
    • Neutral, delicate citrus
    • Can age for decades
    • released at at least 5 year old: toast, honey, hay.
    • No skin contact, gentle pressing
    • No oak, short on steel. Bottle ageing.
    • producers: Tyrrell's, Mount Pleasant

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