Central Italy - Marche

4 important questions on Central Italy - Marche

What are the main wines that the Marche region produces?

Mainly red: sangiovese and Montepulciano (2/3)
Some whites from Verdicchio

The Marche is located along the Adriatic sea, where are the vineyards based? What is the climate? And the soil types?

  • On the low hills from the coast, and in some higher zones.
  • Mediterranean climate, little rainfall
  • Limestone and clay; good drainage to retain sufficient water

Pecorino is a grape variety in the Marche, and in which other region in Italy? What is special about it?

  • In Abruzzo also, south of the Marche
  • High disease resistant
  • Ripens early
  • High alcohol! 14,5% balanced with natural high acidity
  • Herbal notes; sage, thyme and mint, crispy apple and pear
  • IGT Marche or DOCG Offica Pecorino
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What is a well known cooperative in the Marche?

Moncaro (55% export)

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