Grape varieties characteristics - Pinot Noir

3 important questions on Grape varieties characteristics - Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir in California

  • Plantings grown rapidly last 20-30 year
  • best wines from cooler sites (coast or altitude)
  • styles:
    • medium(+) acidity, medium body and alcohol and fresh flavours of red cherry and raspberry
    • greater body and alcohol, medium to medium(+) acidity and riper flavours, either black fruit or slightly jammy
  • trend:
    • picking earlier
    • proportion whole bunch fermentation/stem inclusion
      • enhances aroma complexity and greater tannin structure
  • generally new French oak

Pinot Noir in Russian River Valley, California

  • Pinot Noir
    • medium/medium(+) body, medium tannin, medium(+) acidity, ripe strawberry, red cherry flavours with vanilla spice from oak maturation
    • good-outstanding
    • mid-priced / super premium

Pinot Noir in Oregon

  • Medium(+) acidity
  • medium/medium(+) tannins
  • high alcohol
  • red cherry - raspberry - black cherry - plum
  • proportion of new oak
  • good to outstanding
  • premium/super premium priced
  • producers:
    • Bergström Wines
    • Evening Land

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