Canada - Principal Wine Regions - Ontario

8 important questions on Canada - Principal Wine Regions - Ontario

Ontario vineyards are mainly planted on or near the shores of two great lakes which ones?

Lake Erie and Lake Ontario

What sort of effect do these two lakes have on the cool and continental climate Ontario has?

The lakes of Ontario moderate the extremes of Ontarios continental climate. The cooling influence of the lakes in summer and a warming influence in autumn.

What is the most planted grape variety in Ontario?

Vidal is the most widely planted variety in the province and it produces 90% of Canada's Icewine.
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Which white grape varieties are plantend for non-late harvest VQA Ontario wine?

Riesling, Chardonnay

Otario gives a wide variety of soils name a few

Clay and sand, gravel and rocks and the areas around the lakes have a high concentration of limestone

Which black grape varieties are planted in Ontario?

Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir, Gamay Noir and Merlot

What are the 3 primary appellations of Otario?

  1. Niagara Peninsula
  2. Lake Erie North Shore
  3. Prince Edward County

What  are significant producers in Ontario?

  1. Bachelder
  2. Norman Hardie
  3. Cave Spring
  4. Innskillin
  5. Chateau des Charmes
  6. Pelee Islandwinery

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