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In addition to the Wine of Origin and the certification scheme, initiatives are created to bring together the South African wine industry to form common goals and ultimately using one seal. Name some of these initiatives.

  • IPW = Integrated Production of Wine
  • BWI = Biodiversity and Wine Initiative
  • WSB = Wines and Spirits Board Integrity and sustainability seal
  • SWSA =Sustainable Wine South Africa
  • WIETA = Wine and Agricultural Ethical Trade Association
  • Fairtrade

What does IPW in South Africa stands for?

  • Integrated Production of Wine, introduced in 1998 in South Africa
  • Independent guidelines for sustainable farming covering environmental impact, water usage, health and safety protection, biodiversity.
  • 90% of the SA export producers follow the Integrated Pest Management philosophy, sustainable viticulture.

Several initiatives in South Africa are created to bring together the industry to form common goals. What does BWI mean?

  • Biodiversity and Wine initiative but now called WWF-SA Conservation Champion Programme
  • created in 2005
  • 90% certified
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What means SWSA in South Africa

  • Sustainable Wine South Africa
  • = alliance between WSB, IPW, WWF, WOSA

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