South Australia - Fleurieu Zone - McLaren Vale

4 important questions on South Australia - Fleurieu Zone - McLaren Vale

What are the influences on the (micro) climates of McLaren Vale, Australia?

  • At northern end of the Fleurieu Peninsula, south of Adelaide Hills, moderating the climate.
  • Warm to hot summers
  • Low disease risk, rainfall is relatively low.
  • Large region 6200ha therefore diversity in microclimates.
  • Close to sea
  • Vineyards up to 350m; most on flat land 50-250m

Since 1980/90s focus returned to red wines in McLaren Vale, which varieties are planted most?

  • Shiraz most planted, over 50%*
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Grenache; old vine is attracting attention*

*Significant old dry farmed bush vines are still present.

What style of wines are produced in McLaren Vale, Australia?

  • Mostly red.
  • Inexpensive, high volume to super-premium priced both single varietal and blends
  • Reds are deep-coloured, full bodied, high alcohol levels, pronounced dark fruit flavours
  • Many spice characteristics from oak.
  • Hotter sites: cooked and jammy
  • Higher elevations: higher acidity and tannins.
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How are the vineyards maintained in McLaren Vale, Australia

  • Most allow machine harvesting, as the Vale is still dominated by large vineyards.
  • Move to lower yields and hand pick, necessary for bush vines
  • Ideal for organic, biodynamic viticulture due to low disease pressure.
  • Sustainable Winegrowing Australia programme in place; i.e. use water sustainable.
  • Hardys is a significant producer

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