Chile - The Growing Environment and Grape Growing

6 important questions on Chile - The Growing Environment and Grape Growing

Where are Chile's vineyards situated

  • 30-38S
  • 1.000 km long, < 100 km wide
  • Atacama Desert to the north
  • Andes mountains to the east
  • Pacific Ocean to the west

What are cooling influences in Chilean vineyards

  • Pacific Ocean
  • Humboldt Current from Antartica
  • El Niño
  • altitude
  • gaps in coastal ranges
  • air descending from Andes mountains at night

What is a reason for marked production differences yearly

El Niño which occurs every 2-10 years
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How come Chile have lots of old vines

Chile remained phylloxera free thanks to its geographical barriers and strict quarantaine rules

How are the growing conditions across Chile's vineyards and why

  • Intense sunshine > grapes ripen reliably with high levels of tannins and anthocyanins
  • fungal diseases only in humid (coastal) area's
  • > organic - sustainable viticulture widely practiced
  • low rainfall
    • irrigations > melting water from Andes via rivers or aquifers via wells
  • forest fires threat

Training system Chile

  • Old bush vines
  • newly planted > VSP

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