Mendoza Province - Central Mendoza - Uco Valley

3 important questions on Mendoza Province - Central Mendoza - Uco Valley

Where are the highest vineyards of Mendoza, Argentina based? Describe the wine styles, this region and its departments.

  • South of Central Mendoza; Uco Valley
  • The highest vineyards; 850-1500m
  • Cooler temperature, higher diurnal range
  • Less sugar, more acidity, fresh fruit
  • still intense sunshine, therefore deep colour and ripe tannins
  • Huge investments are made by leading wine makers i.e. Zuccardi.
  • Dominated by black grape varieties, particularly Malbec, but at high altitude also great potential for premium white wines.
  • drip irrigation is more commonly used
  • Three departments: Tupungato, Tunuyán and San Carlos, each of which has its own GI.

One of the three departments in Uco Valley is Tunuyán, describe this department its district, and its wines.

  • To the south of Tupungato, Tunuyán covers a wider range of altitudes.
  • At the lower and warmer end of the valley, fuller-bodied, structured yet fruity red wines, whereas the higher sites are some of the coolest areas in Mendoza and suitable for premium white wines and Pinot Noir.

One of the three departments in Uco Valley is San Carlos, describe this department its district, and its wines.

  • 1,000 and 1,200m.
  • The most southerly of the three is increasingly recognised for its:
  • Old vine plantings and the quality of its red wines, especially Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and, in the lower, warmer areas, Syrah.
  • It includes the GI of Paraje Altamira, which, based on an alluvial fan, includes a variety of soils, though a high presence of calcium carbonate and a stony topsoil are hallmarks of the GI.
  • With lower altitude, Malbecs are thought to be more intense, and fuller bodied, though with the acidity and tannin structure to age well

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