South West France - Jurançon - The Growing Environment and Grape Growing

3 important questions on South West France - Jurançon - The Growing Environment and Grape Growing

Describe the growing environment, climate of Jurancon and the impact on cost of the growing environment.

  • Foothills Pyrenees at 300m
  • Föhn wind give dry and hot wind, dries but also boost temperature; good to overture berries for sweet wines.
  • Mild humid; high rainfall 1200mm
  • Vineyards on slopes, good drainage but cost:
    • Terraces: initial investments and maintenance
    • handpicking
    • selective picking
    • Low yields

Describe Petit manseng, used in Jurancon

  • Early budding, hence prone to spring frosts (see above).
  • It is mid to late ripening,
  • has thick skins and is resistant to botrytis bunch rot, which makes it suitable for late harvesting.
  • It is moderately aromatic and retains its high acidity, making it particularly suitable for the production of balanced sweet wines.
  • It also has high alcohol; picking date important to balance acidity.

What is different of Gros Manseng in comparison with Petit Manseng?

Bigger, higher yields, less aromatic. Mainly for dry wines.

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