Austria - Regions - Niederösterreich (Lower Austria)

7 important questions on Austria - Regions - Niederösterreich (Lower Austria)

What are the wine regions in Niederösterreich? Total of 28.000ha (out of 45.000ha in total Austria)

  • Weinviertel
  • Along Danube: Wachau, Kremstal, Kamptal, Traisental and Wagram
  • Warmer Pannonian plain to the south: Thermenregion

Grüner covering almost 50% of all plantings; mainly white 2/3 in these three regions.

Describe the wine region of Wachau in Niederösterreich.

Along Danube river, west of Vienna:
  • North bank of Danube river
  • On steep terraces, south facing for maximum sun, retain the heat during day and give it back during the night; ensuring ripe fruit, river reflects heat and sun.
  • Riesling planted on Gneiss, main grape, never blended
  • Grüner V planted on Loess, main grape, never blended.
  • Irrigation often necessary, only 460mm of rain per year
  • style is preferred dry (sometimes noble rot)
  • DAC Wachau and Vinea Wachau
  • Family owned businesses: FX Pichler, Hiedler, Franz Hirtzberger, Knoll, Franz Frischengruber
  • Quality driven coop: Domäne Wachau.

Where is Kremstal situated in Austria? What wines are produced here?

  • On the Pannonian plane, south east.
  • To the west of Wachau, around town Krems
  • Influenced by warm Pannonian plain - > also some Zweigelt possible to grow. It’s warmer than Wachau.
  • Producers: Undhof, Lenz Moser, coop Weingut Stadt Krems
  • DAC only for Riesling and GV; dry style m/h acidity, m/f body
  • RED wines called Niederösterreich (25% of the plantings); most of Zweigelt; fruity and easy drinking. minimal oak.
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Where is Kamptal located in Austria, which type of wines are produced here?

  • Part of Pannonian Plain in Niederösterreich.
  • Along River Kamp, around town Langenlois. North of Danube.
  • > 50% Grüner Veltliner, then Zweigelt and Riesling.
  • Similar climate as Kremstal but less humidity (and less botrytis).
  • Cooling air from Bohemian massif, winds from warm Pannonian plain -> large diurnal range, high level of acidity, also red varieties: Zweigelt and Pinot Noir.
  • DAC only for Riesling and GV
  • RED wines called Niederösterreich. Also some large oak 12 months.
  • Producers: Bründlmayer, Hirsch

Where is the wine region of Wagram, what is its style and classification?

  • Both north and south of the Danube, rolling hils
  • Influenced by warm Pannonian plain
  • Based on Loess -> GV most widely planted. In Klassik and Reserve style, Reserve with some oak influences.
  • Most wines are Dry, some Eiswein and Late harvest.
  • Also Roter Veltliner; full body whites, nutty aromas when aging
  • no DAC but ÖTW

Describe the wine region of Weinviertel and its classification and style of wines.

  • Weinviertel: the largest, 18.000ha, 50% of Grüner, also Sekt, 1st DAC in 2002.
  • Other wines are labelled “wines of NiederO”.
  • fairly dry 400-600mm
  • High diurnal range due to cooling breezes from the north. Giving peppery aromas and high acidity (citrus, green fruit).
  • DAC only for GV
  • Reserve: min 13% abv, some oak ageing and/or incl. of botrytis affected grapes allowed.
  • The most peppery GV in Austria
  • Producers: Sohm & Kracher, Setzer

Where is the Thermenregion, what is special about this region?

  • South of Vienna
  • Influenced by warm Pannonian plain (warm air) -> 50% black varieties since they can ripen consistently
  • Pinot Noir and Sankt Laurent; red fruit, spicy aromas, high acidity, ageing potential.
  • Whites: Neuburger (most planted white, floral, spicy), Rotgipfler, Zierfandler or blend of the last two (peach, honey, spice flavours).
  • No DAC
  • Producer: Hannes Hofer

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