Summary: Diversity 2

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Read the summary and the most important questions on Diversity 2

  • 1 Lecture 1

  • 1.1 Notes lecture 1

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  • What is the link with the quote of Sarte: "The hell, that are the others" and this course?

    Basic idea of this course is the symbolic violence: some are accepted, some are discriminated
  • What is the subject of Van Ewijk's article?

    Implementing diversity into policy
  • Which three aspects does Van Ewijk distinguish for policy makers to think about?

    What => which categories do we see and which do we neglect?
    Why => why do organizations want to pursue diversity in the first place?
    How => how do you want to accomplish it?
  • What are the 2 approaches inside of the what of Van Ewijk?

    Social categories and management: make distinctions!
  • What are the three points inside of the why in the article of Van Ewijk?

    Can => some can't simply: "quality is what matters"
    Want => certain groups are unwilling to do a job: "we cannot find them"
    Do => not being allowed to do something
  • What are the arguments for the choice: focus on individuals or collectives?

    I => deny agencies of individuals, strengthens stereotypes, multiple entities, mutual understanding, collective focus not tested properly, may be more conflictual
    We => recognizes groups for freedom, ignore discrimination
  • What are the two schools inside of the how of Van Ewijk?

    Equal opportunities => we think of a social way
    Managing diversity => organization has to deliver output, where diversity can be an aim
  • What is Essed's criticism of diversity as a business case?

    It is superficial: focus on the image for outside, but real differences are neglected
  • What is cultural cloning?

    Clone employees to look like each other: how to integrate and regulate 'difference' in the existing cultures/structures without changing the nature?
  • 1.2 Van Ewijk, A. R. (2011). Diversity and diversity policy: diving into fundamental differences. Journal of Organizational Change Management, 24(5), 680-694.

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  • What does Van Ewijk notice about the definition of diversity?

    It is a social construction: its definition is influenced by the context. It therefore does not have a universal expression, but is defined differently depending on the context

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