Managing conflict and negotiation - What is conflict?

6 important questions on Managing conflict and negotiation - What is conflict?

What is the difference between dysfunctional and productive conflict?

Conflict may be productive if it aligns with the goals of the organization and improves performance.

Dysfunctional conflict can harm relationships between leaders and followers and among teammates, and ultimately harms performance 

This approach focuses on task conflict, but this is only one form of conflict—relationship conflict exists in organizations as well, and research has shown that they may affect performance differently.

What is Group emotional intelligence?

good working relationships, and norms for suppressing negative emotions decrease the relationship between task and relationship conflict. In other words, regulating emotions may keep the conflict focused on the task so that it is not perceived as a personal attack on others.

What is workplace aggression?

Workplace aggression is defined as overt physical or nonphysical behaviour that harms others at work (e.g., yelling or pushing).
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When does abusive supervision occur?

Abusive supervision occurs when supervisors may ridicule, spread rumours, take credit for work done by followers, give the “silent treatment,” and/or withhold information.

What is deviant behaviour among co-workers?

Deviant behaviourof coworkers violates organizational norms and may include “aggression, bullying, harassment, incivility and social undermining.”

How does deviant behaviour affect the employee?

(1) Direct effects- where the employee is the target of a coworker's deviant act.

(2) Indirect effects - which an employee is affected by learning of another coworker's deviant behaviours.

(3) Ambient effects - there can also be ambient impact in which collective deviant behaviour creates a hostile working environment.

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