Leadership - Moral approaches

4 important questions on Leadership - Moral approaches

What is servant leadership?

Servant-leaders facilitate team confidence, affirming the strengths and potential of the team and providing developmental support.

What are the seven servant leadership behaviours?

1. Conceptualizing
  • Thorough understanding of the organization.
2. Emotional healing
  • Recognizing others’ problems and taking the time to address them.
3. Putting followers first
  • Showing empathy.
4. Helping followers grow and succeed
  • Knowing their professional or personal goals.
5. Behaving ethically
  • Doing the right thing in the right way.
6, Empowering
  • Allowing followers freedom to be independent, make decisions on their own, and be self-sufficient.
7.Creating value for the community
  • Intentionally giving back to the community Encouraging followers to volunteer for community service.            

What is Authentic Leadership?

Authentic leadership involves knowing oneself and behaving in a way that is consistent with what is intuitively right.
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What are the four dimensions of Authentic Leadership?

  • Self-awareness - for example, seeks feedback to improve interactions with others.
  • Relational transparency - for example, says exactly what he or she means. presenting one’s authentic self (as opposed to a fake or distorted self) to others
  • Internalized moral perspective - for example, demonstrates beliefs that are consistent with actions.
  • Balanced processing - for example, solicits views that challenge his or her deeply held positions.

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