Motivation: Core Concepts - Goal setting

3 important questions on Motivation: Core Concepts - Goal setting

What is management by objectives (MBO)?

MBO is a performance appraisal program where leaders meet with their direct reports and set specific performance objectives jointly. Progress toward objectives is periodically reviewed, and rewards are allocated on the basis of that progress.

What is the Regulatory focus Theory?

Regulatory focus theory (RFT) is an alternative approach to understanding how individuals strive to meet their goals. According to RFT, individuals who are promotion-focused are oriented toward growth and development and becoming their ideal. In contrast, individuals who are prevention-focused are oriented toward the things they feel that have to do and focus on their job responsibilities.

What is the difference between promotion and prevention focus?

Prevention-Focused - Individuals are vigilant and careful, emphasize fears, focus on avoiding threats, and set prevention goals
Promotion-Focused - Individuals have a need for achievement, focus on advancement, and set learning goals

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