Person-Environment fit - Key Terms

6 important questions on Person-Environment fit - Key Terms

Minnesota twin studies

Conducted from 1979 to 1999, which followed identical and fraternal twins who were separated at an early age.

Core self-evaluation (CSE)

“funda­mental premises that individuals hold about themselves and their functioning in the world”

Demands–abilities (DA) fit

The compatibility between the employee’s knowledge, skills, and abilities, and the demands of the job. In other words, the job characteristics are neither too easy nor too difficult for the abilities of the employee; they match.
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Person–environment (PE) fit

The degree of congruence between the per­son and the work situation.

Person–job (PJ) fit

Occurs when job characteristics are aligned with employees’ personalities, motivations, and abilities.

Psychological capital (PsyCap)

The value of individual differences, including efficacy, optimism, hope, and resiliency.

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