Motivation: Core Concepts - The importance of fairness

3 important questions on Motivation: Core Concepts - The importance of fairness

What can an employee do when they perceive an inequity?

  • Change their inputs.
  • Change their outcomes.
  • Distort perceptions of self.
  • Distort perceptions of others.
  • Choose a different referent.
  • Leave the field.     

What four organisational justice concepts exist?

Distributive justice -
"Is your outcome justified given your performance?"

Procedural justice - perception of how fair the process was in making decisions that affect employees
"Have you been able to express your views and feelings during the process?"

Interpersonal justice - refers to how employees are treated by their leaders, including respect and propriety
"Has your leader treated you with respect?"

Informational justice - refers to the perceived fairness of the communications made by leaders during a process
"Has your leader explained the procedures thoroughly?"

What are the rules of procedural fairness?

Give employees a voice in decisions that affect them;
Give the opportunity to appeal or correct;
Make procedures consistent across people and over time;
Let the process be unbiased and represent the concerns of everyone affected by the decision;
Procedures need to be based on accurate information.

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