Leading Change and Stress management - What is stress

3 important questions on Leading Change and Stress management - What is stress

What are the two general types of stress?

There are two general types of stress:
Challenge-related associated with workload, the pressure to complete tasks, and time urgency can be positive. stress may be positive, or what is known as eustress, or “good stress” from the Greek root eu for “good.”
Hindrance-related stress is excessive or undesirable constraints that interfere with an individual’s ability to achieve goals, creating “negative stress.”

What is the Yerkes-Dodson law?

This law states that performance increases with increasing stress to an optimum point, but then the stress becomes too much and performance declines. Increased arousal can help improve performance but only to a certain point. At the point when arousal becomes excessive, performance diminishes.

What stress occurs regarding work-life balance?

Crossover stress effect - employee does not leave stress at the workplace and affects their personal life.

Family-to-work conflict - another form of the crossover effect, which occurs when family problems crossover to work, and research has found this affects job performance, psychological distress, alcohol abuse, and physical health.

Work–school conflictmay occur, which is defined as “the extent to which work interferes with school-related demands/responsibilities and has been shown to be negatively related to school performance and satisfaction.”

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