Group Processes and Teams - Team Development

3 important questions on Group Processes and Teams - Team Development

What is punctuated equilibrium?

Punctuated equilibrium occurs when the transition between an early phase of inactivity is followed by the second phase of significant acceleration toward task completion.

When do you get a high performance team?

A small number of teams become high-performance teams, which have all of the characteristics of real teams plus team members are deeply committed to the growth and development of the other team members

What are the six factors that enable a high performance team?

(1)   team member competencies;
(2)   skills, processes, tools, and techniques;
(3)   interpersonal skills, communication, understanding personality differences;
(4)   a shared value system;
(5)   shared vision, purpose, goals, direction; and
(6)   supporting organizational values including openness.

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