Summary: Food And Beverage Management | 9781906884260

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Read the summary and the most important questions on Food and Beverage Management | 9781906884260

  • 1 Food and beverage operations and management

  • 1.1 food and beverage operations

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  • (8) What is important for food and beverage operations fo the management of delivery and experience?

    1. Skills in marketing
    2. Merchandising
    3. Staff management
    4. Team development
    5. Training
    6. Customer relations
    7. Financial management
    8. Operational management
  • What are the 8 stages in the Food Service Cycle?

    1. Consumer and the market.
    2. Policy and objectives.
    3. Consumer service specification.
    4. Facilities
    5. Purchasing
    6. Production and service
    7. Control of costs and revenue
    8. Monitoring of consumer satisfaction
  • 1. What is meant with consumer and the market.

    The existing and future consumer needs and the potential market being served by the operation. 
  • 2. What is meant with Policy and objectives?

    Guiding the choice of the operational methods that are used. 
  • 3. What is meant with Consumer service specification?

    Decisions on the range and type of menu and beverage lists to be provided, as well as other services, and the service levels to be offered and the prices to be ch
  • 6. What is meant with Production and service?

    Using efficient food production and food and beverage service methods to support the requirements of the customer service specification.
  • 7. What is meant with Control of costs and revenue?

    Maintaining robust systems for the accounting of revenue and the monitoring of costs of materials, labour and overheads.
  • 8. What is meant with Monitoring of customer satisfaction?

    Regular checking on the extent to which the operation is meeting customer needs and achieving customer satisfaction.
  • What does the food service cycle provides?

    A comprehensive framework for the planning of a new food and beverage operation + appraisal (beoordeling) of existing ones.
  • Why is it important to identify and understand the various interrelationships between the 8 stages of the Food Service?

    It helps to ensure that decisions about operations will only be considered after looking at the effect any decisions might have throughout all the stages.

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