Summary: Genetics Analysis And Principles | 9780071315463 | Robert J Brooker

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Read the summary and the most important questions on Genetics Analysis and Principles | 9780071315463 | Robert J. Brooker

  • 2 Mendelian inheritance

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  • 2.1 Mendel's study of pea plants

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  • What is a hybridization experiment?

    A hybridization experiment is when two distinct individuals with different characteristics are bred to each other.
  • What is a gamete?

    A gamete is a haploid reproductive cell that fuses to form a zygote.
  • What is the process of fertilization in pea plants?

    Male gametes (sperm) are produced within pollen grains that form in the anthers, and the female gametes (eggs) are produced within ovules that form in the ovaries. For fertilization to occur, a pollen grain lands on the stigma, which stimulates the growth of a pollen tube. This enables cells to enter the stigma and migrate toward an ovule. Fertilization takes place when a sperm enters the micropyle, an opening in the ovule wall, and fuses with an egg cell.
  • In this experiment, which plant, the white- or purple-flowered one, is providing the egg cells, and which is providing the sperm cells?

    The white-flowered plant is providing the sperm, and the purple-flowered plant is providing the eggs.
  • What is a trait, or variant?

    A trait, or variant, are the specific properties of a character.
  • What means breeding true?

    Breeding true means that a trait does not vary in appearance from generation to generation.
  • What is true-breeding strain, or true-breeding line?

    A true-breeding strain, or true-breeding line is a variety that continues to produce the same trait after several generations of self-fertilization.
  • Prior to fertilization, where is the male gamete located in a pea plant?

    The male gamete is found within pollen grains.
  • Why are pea plants suitable organisms to study genetically?

    • They were easy to cross;
    • They were capable of self-fertilization;
    • They came in several different varieties.
  • What are the seven characteristics that Mendel chose to study?

    • Height;
    • Flower color;
    • Flower position;
    • Seed color;
    • Seed shape;
    • Pod color;
    • Pod shape.

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