Summary: Handbook Organisation And Management A Practical Approach | 9789001895648 | Jos Marcus, et al

Summary: Handbook Organisation And Management A Practical Approach | 9789001895648 | Jos Marcus, et al Book cover image
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Read the summary and the most important questions on Handbook Organisation and Management A Practical Approach | 9789001895648 | Jos Marcus; Nick van Dam

  • 0 The evolution of organisation and management

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  • What is the meaning of evolution of human resource management in the business world?

    This is the evolution in our business lifes and the resources we now have to do our management.
  • A descriptive aspect

    Description of behaviour of organisations including motives and consequences
  • In the HR journey you have 3 different phases between year 1890 untill now. Which phases are this?

    • 2nd industrial revolution
    • World wars
    • Globalization
  • A prescriptive aspect

    Advice about recommended organisational design and course of action
  • Taylor proposed a division of front line supervisory responsibilities within the prouduction department into 8 seperate areas

    Time and costing
    task and instructions
    processes and their order
    work preparation and allocation
    quality control
    technical guidance
    personnel management
  • Direction ensures the coordination between the other activities, direction comprises the mainstray of the function of managers, 5 tasks:

    Planning or anticipating

  • Major organisations have the following characteristics

    -Clearly and definitely implemented division of tasks 
    -hierarchical command structure 
    -carefully defined authorities and responsibilities
    -impersonal relationships between officials 
    -recruitment based on ability and knowledge instead of relying on favouritism and having the right contacts
    -promotion and reward based on objective criteria and procedures
    -all data is recorded in writing so that complete control of all aspects is possible
    -the power of officials, even senior ones is bound by documented guidelines.
  • Organisational structure, management and strategic planning. 1939

    Henry Mintzberg
  •  Minzberg 5/7 identified configurations

    The entrepreneurial form
    the machine bureaucracy
    the professional bureaucracy
    the diversified form
    adhocracy (innovative)
    the missionary (ideological)
    the political form
  • 1 Environmental influences

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  • An organisation can be affected by their surrounding. An organization can be affected by those environmental influences that it does not have significant control over. How are these influences called?

    • Economic developments
    • Technical developments
    • Climate
    • Demographic developments

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