Milford Sound - Nazi Germany prepares for war

9 important questions on Milford Sound - Nazi Germany prepares for war

What were the two territorial goals of Hitler after WWI?

1. Heim ins Reich (convince Germans outside Nazi-Germany to join into one greater German Reich)
2. Make Germany selfsufficient (feed themselves with own crops and own raw materials like iron and coal)

Why did Hitler promote the idea of Heim ins Reich?

After WWI, Austria-Hungary was split into seperate states. In these states lived German minorities. Germany also lost territory and inhabitans. Hitler convinced Germans who lived outside Nazi Germany to join the regions in which they lived into one Greater German Reich.

Why did Hitler want to conquer Eastern-Europe and Russia?

To gain possesion of farmland and raw materials and for future living space (lebensraum)
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How was Hitler able to build an army under the Treaty of Versaille?

Introduce conscription and created work for people (volkswagen, highways, bridges, dams, building instruments of war).
Hitler Youth concentrated more on military training than academic study. All those people were eventually recruited as soldiers.

Name the 5 areas which became the part of Germany before WWII?

1. Saar (Plebiscite, the inhabitants voted to live under German authority 1935)
2. Rhineland (Hitler moved troops here and people praised him for being their Führer 1936)
3. Austria (Anschluss, when the Austrian Nazi Party came to power, Austria joined Germany and German troops marched into Austria)
4. Sudetenland (the conference of Munich, Hitler was allowed to annex Sudetenland in return for his promise that this would be his last territorial demand in Europe)
5. Czechoslovakia (invasion)

What is the Rome-Berlin Axis (1936)

An alliance between Hitler and Mussolini to oppose France and Britain together.

Why was Hitler interested in Sudetenland?

Because it possesed most of Czechoslovakia's natural resources.

Who joined the conference of Munich and what was the outcome?

British Prime Minister Chamberlane, Mussolini, Hitler and the French Prime Minister. Hitler was allowed to annex Sudetenland. Chamberlan was convinced that there was now longlasting peace between Germany and Britain.

Name three reasons why France and Britain wanted to avoid war and how did they try to avoid it?

1. Both were in crisis, a new war would be expensive

2. Memory of WWI was still strong

3. They didn't know if they could count on support of America

They focused on the policy of appeacement. They let Hitler violate the Treaty of Versaille and gave into some of Hitler's demands to avoid further conflict in the future.

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