Milford Sound - Europe at War

11 important questions on Milford Sound - Europe at War

Why did Germany get in contact with the Soviet Union?

Hitler learned from WWI to avoid a two-front war, he needed raw materials from Eastern Europe for military supplies, but didn't want to fight with Stalin's army over it.
Stalin needed allies (not France and Britain, they rejected an alliance with him). The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was signed

What were the main points of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact?

1. The Soviet Union would remain neutral if Hitler attacked Poland
2. Hitler and Stalin agreed to invade & divide the countries in Eastern Europe

What was Hitler's strategy to conquer Europe?

Blitzkrieg: fast pace, suprise attacks.
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What was Hitler's strategy to conquer the Soviet Union and why did he choose this strategy?

First conquer Western Europe, then force England & France into peace, then attack the Soviet Union. He didn't want a two-front war

Why did France's strategy to defend their country fail?

Their own defensive Maginot line made it unable for France to attack Hitler.

Why was England able to take a stand?

Winston Churchill (in contrary to Chamberlain) opposed appeasement and refused every offer of peace with Germany.

What was Hitler's strategy to invade Britain and how did this work out?

He knew the British navy was strong, therefore he wanted to force Britain to surrender by bombing its cities. To do this, he needed to destroy the RAF. RAF won from the Luftwaffe, the RAF started bombing Germany.

How did Hitler fail his suprise attack on the Soviet Union?

1. The Russians destroyed everything the Germans could use, which lead to the fact that the supply routes became longer. This slowed down the invasion process.
2a. The rainy season: Muddy roads made the transport impossible.
2b. Winter started: Germans where not prepared.
3. Soviet army was larger and better than expected.
4. Stalin only had to fight a war on one front, his Siberian soldiers were used to the harsh winter conditions.

What did Hitler want to achieve by his second attack on the Soviet Union and how did this work out?

Hitler concentrated on the Southeast of the country (Arab oilfields and Stalingrad). The Germans were defeated again by a harsh winter. A small number of soldier surrendered at Stalingrad (the battle of Stalingrad). Hitler lost an entire army. The Soviet Union started reconquering the western part of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

Name 2 reasons why the tables turned in WWII?

1. Italy surrendered to the Allies (1943)
2. Britain, USA, Soviet Union exceeded Germany's military power and had greater industrial resources.

What was a crucial moment in WWII which was the start of the end of WWII?

D-Day: the Western allied forces launched a succesful invasion of Normandy (France). Hitler now had to fight a two-front war. The allied forces liberated France, Belgium, South NL. The British, USA, Soviet Union marched on Germany.

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