Summary: Medieval History P1

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Read the summary and the most important questions on Medieval History p1

  • 1 Romans, Christians and barbarians

  • 1.1 The early Middle Ages

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  • When was the early middle ages

    Time period between 500-1000
  • Name 3 important developments that happen during the early middle ages

    1. Political order (Rome) decay
    2. Multiple cultures blend
    3. Three new civilizations emerge (Western Christendom, Byzantine Empire, Islamic Empire)
  • What is domestic proselytization

    The process in which Christian queens brought their husband and realms to Christianity
  • How was Rome's literature presevered?

    Monks and nun copied Roman literature
  • 1.2 The Roman Peace (31 BCE - 180 CE) and After

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  • How is the period of political stability under Augustus called and what does it mean

    Pax Romana, or Roman peace
  • Name 4 factors how the Roman Empire was united

    1. Power of the Roman armies
    2. Administration of Roman cities
    3. Loyalty of local elites
    4. Idea of Rome
  • What for crisis (2) was there during the third century

    Danger of barbarians on the border and Roman troops choosing emperors
  • How was the empire saved

    By reform from the top. Emperors Diocletian and Constantine rebuilt the empire
  • Who were responsible for the dividing of the Empire

    Diocletian and Constantine
  • 1.4 Early Christians and the Early Church

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  • Why was Christianity a mystery religion

    It promised mystical union between worshipers and devine beings (afterlife)

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